Gaustadbrygga Titran - tlf. 9589 9766

Kjersti runs this very charming place. She serves you coffee, pastries, bagels, ice cream and drinks. More information can be found on their  facebook site. 


Gaustadbrygga is Titrans guest harbour. They have an apartment for accomodation as well as camping. Laundry and shower facilities. Call Isak Gaustad at +47 72446514/9777 2062.

Titran Invest

Titran Invest has two fishermen's cottages, each bed up for six people. They also have four apartments for rent. Contact them at +47 9061 7638, or send them an e-mail.

Titran Rorbuer

Want to spend a vacation at a seafishing cabin? Vacation at Titran rorbu- og sjøsportsenter gives you the option of a relaxing time for the whole family, combined with the opportunity for fishing, diving and nature adventures. Visit their website or send them an e-mail at​.

Titran Kafé

Titran Café is open some weekends during the summer season. Keep an eye on their facebook page for more information.

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