No place in Norway has more lighthouses than The Isles of Froya. No wonder with the 70 km long range of archipelago with islands, islets and reefs. You can visit lighthouses at Titran, Sula, Vingleia, Finnværet and Halten, of which the latter is the northernmost lighthouse. Hire a boat and get to see some of these charming lighthouses. What about having an island all to yourself? Vingleia Lighthouse Cabin, near Mausund, are open for accomodation. Simple standard, but most charming. Can you imagine having an island all by yourself while a storm is coming by? Vingleia is a safe observation post in the eye of the storm. The storms normally occurs between september and march - quite often, actually. We assure you that this will be an experience of a lifetime! Sula also have a beautiful lighthouse-cabin (the lighthouse keepers house) for accomodation. Some years ago, the house was renovated by antiquarian principles, and appears to be a bit of a gem. Fancy at trip inside the lighthouse? At Sula you can hire a guide and get to se the lighthouse. Imagine the spectacular view! Check out their website for more information.