On the Isles of Frøya, you will find the world’s densest population of the white-tailed eagles. The eagles can have a wing span of up to 2.5 metres (8 feet). They were completely protected in Norway in 1968. Hire a local guide and drive around in an open boat and get up close with the eagles. The adventure company Mausundgløtt have specialized in this type of adventure. Every spring they are looking at the nesting sites of the white-tailed eagle. They in particular want to make sure that the eagles can bring up their young ones undisturbed, so it is one of their biggest concerns that they do not move into them too close. Grey seals and harbour seals are the most common species, ringed seals and greenland-seal can be found occasionally. The grey seal is very shy and not easy to get close to and escapes quickly when they feel threatened. The harbourseal on the other hand is very curious. If you visit  Halten in Froan, you might get to meet on a puffin. At the breakwater hedges at least 50 pairs groves and Halten is the only breeding locality for the species in Sor-Trondelag.